Quick Facts & Figures

Republic of San Marino

Republic of the Philippines

1. Official Name

Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino

Republika ng Pilipinas
2. Capital City of San Marino Manila  
3. Land Area 61 sq. km. 300,000 sq. km.
4. Geographic Location Western Europe Southeast Asia
5. Topography      Landlocked Enclave Archipelago
6. Climate Mediterranean (1°C/27°C) Tropical (22°C/34°C)
7. People  Sammarinese    Pilipino
8. Official Language Italian    Tagalog, English
9. Population 30,000 (2007 est.), 212th in rank 88,500,000 (2007 est.), 12th in rank
10. Government Parliamentary Republic Unitary Presidential  Constitutional Republic

11. Currency

Euro     Philippine Peso
121. Official Religion Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
13. Most Notable Personality St. Marinus Jose P. Rizal
14. Staple Food Bread, Pasta     Rice, Fish
15. Top Exports      Wine, Agricultural Products Agricultural Products,Electronics
16. Major Industries Tourism, Agriculture       Agriculture, Service

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