Monuments and Landmarks of Historic San Marino

On the top of Mount Titano is the old-town centre.  This original settlement is surrounded by massive medieval walls, constructed entirely of stone and can only be accessed on foot.  The main piazza is interlaced by narrow streets and lined with historical buildings and monuments.

The Three Fortresses is the definitive image of San Marino, and are linked by a path that runs along the entire mountain ridge.  Inside the second Fortress is the Museum of Historical Weapons, and located in the higher part of town is the Basilica del Santo.

Still in the old-town center is the Church of San Pietro.  This sacred place is where Saint Marinus and Leo lay to rest.  Within walking distance is another significant landmark, the Church of San Francesco.  This church has an art gallery attached to it, which dates back to the 14th century.  Also close at hand is the recently-restored Palazzo Pergami, the majestic structure that houses both the Church of the Cappuccini and the State Museum.   

Piazza della Liberta` is the main city center where the Government Building stands.  The public can visit the Great and General Council Room inside the building to admire the 19th century fresco by the Roman artist Retrosi. 

Behind the Government Building is the Cava dei Balestrieri, wherethe locals stage medieval festivals, complete with crossbowmen and flag-throwers.  Exhibits of contemporary artists can be admired by everyone at the adjacent Gallery of Modern Art.

Along the famous Contrada Omerelli are historical buildings that serve as ministry offices.  In the same street is a reconditioned 17th century monastery.  The convent now houses the University and the deconsecrated church is used for conferences.

Lastly, at the heart of Piazza Sant’Agata is Teatro Titano, the grand theater and center of entertainment in San Marino.

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