The Flavors of the Land

“Agriculture, Art the most ancient, the most noble, the more useful than others, taking its principles from Physics, Chemistry and Natural History, is not as easy as ignorant people sometimes think…” Domenico Mengozzi’s preface to the Agrarian Statute of 1813 of the Republic. 

For centuries, San Marino’s economy was based on farming and animal breeding.  For this reason, it has perfected the production of high quality agricultural products.  The local manufacturers came up with a single food certification mark called Consorzio Terra di San Marino to continuously protect the wisdom their forefathers have passed down from generation to generation.

The culinary traditions of San Marino are those of Romagna, with some influx from the Marche region. Piadina, home-made pasta and vegetables are the staple food in most homes, together with extra-virgin olive oil, cheeses, meats, milk, wines and honey. 

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