Artiginato Sammarinese

San Marino still claims to have craftsmen and artisans who use the ancient techniques to produce valuable local crafts.  The old town center is a mecca for shoppers because of its dazzling display of lights and colors.  Street corners and piazzas showcase all kinds of traditional souvenirs, ranging from treasures, like gold and silver items, to mementos of the past, such as crossbows and precision materials.

Alongside with stone-working, ceramics can be considered as one of its major industries.  Hand-painted plates, tiles and frames bought in workshops and stores are laden with history and legend of San Marino.  These items usually bear the official symbols like that of the coat of arms and crest, Mount Titano, the three fortresses, and Saint Agata.

Because of the legacy that the Republic of San Marino has, it established the Artiginato Sammarinese (Designation of Origin and Typicality) in 1995 in order to upgrade and promote traditional production of such items, in addition to equally important products such as refined lace and embroidery, paintings, copper and wrought-iron works, glass and precious metals.

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