Life Story of Saint Marino

Saint Marino was the founder of the world's oldest surviving republic, San Marino, in 301. 

Marino was a stonemason by trade that is someone who cuts and shapes pieces of stone for buildings or other stone structures or decorative objects. He came from the island of Rab in Dalmatia on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, a country now known as Croatia. We cannot be certain how he looked because we do not have drawings or paintings of him from the time he lived but paintings made after his death when he was made a Saint, usually show him as an older, bearded man with long white hair holding a stonemason's hammer

Marino together with his lifelong friend, Leo left Rab to find work. He found his way to Rimini a town in Italy ruled by Emperor Diocletian. Here they started work building a pier .

Unfortunately, the Emperor was a very cruel ruler and he wanted the pier finished in the shortest possible time, so he forced the workmen to labor day and night. The Emperor's cruelty knew no bounds. He deprived the workers of food to eat and not enough water was given to quench their thirst as they worked under the burning hot sun. Rest periods were few and far between. They were treated like slaves.

As a Christian, Marino prayed to God for help for his fellow workmen. He called meetings with the workers to guide them and encourage them not to lose hope and have faith in God. News of this soon spread to Emperor Diocletian who at once ordered the arrest of Saint Marino. When Marino heard of this order he feared for his life and so he fled with his friend Leo and took refuge in the forests of a nearby mountain called Titano. This mountain had long been admired by Marino for its grace and beauty

Marino continued his Christian preaching and his workmanship in Mount Titano. Some workers from Rimini also escaped the cruel regime of the Emperor Diocletian and followed Marino there to live a peaceful life away from the persecutors. Saint Marino was able to form a community of faith in Mount Titano. He taught them about God as well as the skills of a stonecutter. Soon many more people joined their community. Together with Leo, his life long friend they nurtured a community of faith.

Because of his good work, Dona Felicissima, a wealthy woman from Rome granted him a big piece of land for the community to use. As time passed and the persecution of Christians came to an end Marino built a small church and thus founded what is now the city and the state of San Marino. The official date of foundation of the Republic is 3 September 301.

According to legend, Marino died in the winter of 366, the founder of the oldest surviving republic in the world.

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