Benvenuti: Wine Tasting and Awareness Campaign Program PJL Group of Companies Personnel

Starting from May 22, 2008 until July 23, 2008, a series of wine tasting parties were held at the office of the Consulate General of the Republic of San Marino, located at the PJL Corporate Center. Each event was composed of a mixed group of managers and staff from the different departments and affiliates of the PJL Group of Companies.

The program included trivia games, learning Italian words, a video presentation and the top 10 they should know about the country. Moreover, the highlight of the event was for the participants to have a chance to sample the fabulous San Marino wines, while mingling and getting to know each other. Light snacks that can be paired with the wines were also served. At the end of each party, a bottle was raffled off aside from various prizes and souvenirs from San Marino.

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